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Recycled Resources for the Homeless is a small nonprofit organization that started in 2008 in Northeast Los Angeles (NELA). The majority of our work is made possible by volunteers and we operate on a zero percent profit margin. Recycled Resources was founded in order to provide a safety net and basic necessities to all people experiencing homelessness in the Northeast Los Angeles community. The main areas we focused our outreach and engagement were Highland Park, Eagle Rock, Cypress Park, Glassell Park, Montecito Heights, and the areas along the Arroyo Seco River. Our goal was to outreach and engage people experiencing homelessness, create trusting and supportive relationships through our outreaches, and provide basic necessities as there was no homeless service provider in our NELA community. In addition to providing food, clothing, hygiene, etc, we also offered case management services in order to link people to services and support/advocate for them as they navigated these services.

The mission of Recycled Resources for the Homeless is to reduce harm to our neighbors experiencing homelessness. We call our organization Recycled Resources because we firmly believe that if everyone recycled resources they have but may not be using or they may not need, there would be enough for everyone to safely co-exist. We believe that housing and access to basic needs is a right and that all people have worth and value. We operate with a harm reduction and housing first philosophy, advocating for the rights of people experiencing homelessness through education. Our goal is to create programs that reduce harm to all people living in the community and support other communities when they attempt to implement these programs. We provide education training and exposure to people who engage their neighbors without shelter in order to produce strong results.  We are outside the box thinkers and believe traditional homeless services and approaches need to be diversified.  

Most of our work is made possible by the relentless and passionate work of our volunteers.  Our ability to operate programs is made possible from the generosity of our neighbors, local business, and city leaders.  Do not feel the problem of homelessness is so vast that you cannot make a difference so you do nothing; everyone doing something small can have a monumental impact. Please join us. 


Rebecca Prine founded Recycled Resources for the Homeless in 2008 for the purpose of addressing the unmet needs of her neighbors experiencing homelessness in the Northeast Los Angeles community. She currently serves as the Volunteer Executive Director for the agency.  She has been working with people experiencing chronic homelessness since 2003, with an emphasis on adults who are diagnosed with a mental illness, substance use, or both.  Rebecca holds both a Bachelor and Master of Arts Degree in Social Work from California State University Los Angeles and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. She worked with the Department of Mental Health in Skid Row Los Angeles for nearly a decade and is extremely knowledgeable about the homeless epidemic. She endorses and adheres to the Harm Reduction & Housing First Models that recognize the good and worth in all people.  In her spare time she can be found fishing, camping, napping, and always with her side kick Macaroni. 

Elyse Schwartz has been a volunteer with Recycled Resources' since 2012. She is the agency's most ambitious outreach worker and currently serves on the board as the RRH Secretary. Through monthly homeless outreach engagements, Elyse formed friendships and strong bonds with NELA neighbors--homeless and housed alike. Elyse currently works as an intake coordinator for the individual programs at LA Family Housing, and hold her BA in Sociology.  Elyse currently resides on the Recycled Resources board.

Monica Alcaraz was born and raised in Highland Park, attended Aldama Elementary, Luther Burbank Middle School, and Franklin High School. She served as President of the Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council from 2012-2016. Through her drive, leadership, and commitment to her community, she has accomplished community improvement projects, produced community events, and been a staunch advocate for Highland Park. While on the Neighborhood Council, she found her true calling in assisting her homeless neighbors. Today, she is the Northeast Regional CES Coordinator for SPA 4, tirelessly working to connect persons experiencing homelessness with services and housing. She continues her work during her volunteer hours with Recycled Resources for the Homeless and as a member of the NELA Homeless Coalition. She organized the 2015 and 2016 Homeless Counts in Highland Park. She currently sits on the board of Recycled Resources. 

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