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A Drop-In Center provides a safe, supportive and normalizing environment for Individuals labeled as homeless in the community, especially those who are isolated in society. It provides an atmosphere of acceptance where individuals feel needed and grow in self-worth, dignity and self-respect.

Our Drop-In Center increases knowledge of community resources, offers showers, clothing, hygiene product, tents food etc and allows individuals to learn from one another. It provides a place where social and recreational activities can occur. This enables individuals with severe emotional difficulties to conquer social or communication problems and assume productive life-styles in community settings.


Our Drop-In Center provides social support for people at risk with organized and informal recreational and social activities where individuals and center staff can assist each other in solving dally living problems (social/recreational, housing, mental health, transportation, and vocational).


Our Drop-In Center places emphasis on helping Individuals feel autonomous and make decisions. Individuals have something to offer each other and by helping run the center and supporting each other, they develop a sense of usefulness which increase their feeling of well-being. 

Our Drop-In Center is simply a place to be on Saturday mornings. Where else but a drop-in can an individual go to just be, where no one passes judgment diagnoses or medicates. Where else can an individual find support compassion, self-esteem and acceptance? Our Drop-In Center will not "save the world" or "end homelessness" but it does provide a place to feel alive and accepted. 

Drop in and visit us!

Open every Saturday 9AM-12PM

5619 Monte Vista Street 

Los Angeles 90042

at All Saints Episcopal Church of HLP 

(inside the Parish Hall behind the church) 

Hot Brunch served at 10AM

Casa De Clarke (CDC)

Welcome to Casa de Clarke (CDC).

In April of 2018 Recycled Resources for the Homeless, in partnership with Highland Park All Saints Episcopal Church, launched its shelter pilot program called Casa De Clarke. This partnership was created to support our guests in ending their homelessness.  CDC offers 3 months of crisis shelter and 3 months of bridge housing to 10 individuals, making their participation in the program six moths. 


This pilot program is self-sustaining and managed by the members of the program. One of the members of the program is our Resident Associate (RA) and opens the doors at 6PM each night. Roles and chores are decided on by the members of the program and it is us to the community how the program operated. Recycled Resources believes in treating the members of this program as adults and in believing such we allow the members of this program to manage themselves. 


The pilot program is committed to providing a safe place to sleep, food, access to clothing and hygiene, supportive services, and linkage to housing opportunities. While members are enrolled in this program we expect them to work alongside us to locate and secure permanent housing. Opportunities are available during  their stay to help reduce the barriers that led to their homelessness. These opportunities include support groups, therapy, rehabilitation, money management, enhancing of life skills, work programs and training, and developing and working toward individual treatment goals. 


No person, because of race, color, religion, sex, age, familial status, sexual orientation, or disability, is discriminated against or denied participation.  The first ten guests of Casa De Clarke were selected based on their long term homelessness, their level of vulnerability sleeping on the streets, and their willingness to end their homelessness. 

It is the hope of Recycled Resources that through outreach, education, and exposure we will will be able to find more churches in Northeast Los Angeles that will agree to participate in our pilot program, making more shelter beds available. 

For more information about this pilot program please email 

Rebecca Prine or

Father Clarke Prescott


Recycled Resources for the Homeless has been conducting outreach and engagement to our neighbors without shelter since 2009. We have worked hard at organizing and mobilizing communities to not just talk about homelessness but to do something about it. We have formed partnerships with our local homeless service providers and we educate stakeholders and businesses about homelessness. Recycled Resources speaks at Neighborhood Council Meetings, meets with elected officials, and listens to the concerns of communities. We train volunteers to be the most effective volunteers they can be. Most importantly we listen, educate, and advocate for the needs of our homeless neighbors to bring about change and reduce stigma.


Do you need help doing this in your community? Do you need help finding and coordinating volunteers where you live? Recycled Resources has created a volunteer training manual and we would be happy to help train your volunteers. We can help educate you about the steps we took to bring about change in our community including opening a year round shelter. We can offer suggestions on how you can mobilize your community. Our volunteer training manual was created by our Founder and Executive Director, Rebecca Prine.  Rebecca has 15 years experience working with people who are chronically homeless. She holds a License in Social Work with the California Board of Behavioral Sciences and spent over decade with the Department of Mental Health working on the streets of Skid Row Los Angeles. 

Recycled Resources for the Homeless firmly believes that each community has a responsibility in caring for its neighbors, housed and unhoused.  We believe that people who are without housing are still members of the community and in being a member of the community services and support should be offered to them in order for them to remain living in the neighborhood they call home.

Coordinate with us and help bring about change where you live!

Contact Us:

Rebecca Prine, LCSW 29890

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